excise fraud

Webinar 19/2020: Illegal trade of cigarettes

16 December 2020

The overall objective of this webinar is to demonstrate case studies on cigarette crime to share good practice on excise fraud related EU cooperation. The contributing experts from Europol and Romania will demonstrate current operational working methods describing collection and analysis of intelligence, covert and open investigative steps and asset recovery measures. Special attention will be paid on the added value of “SMOKE Analysis Project” the dedicated team in Europol serving as a main intelligence hub in the EU on excise fraud.


COVID-19 Webinar (No7): Smuggling of excise goods in view of COVID-19

14 October 2020

Excise fraud is taking various forms in the European Union. Certain aspects of the fraud and the related enforcement work are quite stable while other elements are varying due to changing social and economic situation like the current pandemic.


Online Course 06/2020: Excise Fraud

07 October 2020 to 30 October 2020

The overall objective of the training activity is to enhance knowledge on the application of criminal intelligence analysis and financial investigative techniques in combating excise fraud.

The activity will focus on describing good practices of excise related criminal intelligence analysis and investigation, will concentrate on the use of financial investigations in excise cases and a module will demonstrate the added value of EU cooperation instruments.



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