excise fraud

11/2019 Excise fraud

20 May 2019 to 24 May 2019

The aim of the course is to enhance the knowledge on the existing patterns of excise fraud in general, to exchange good practices of excise investigations and to facilitate the use of financial investigative techniques in excise cases. The course aims to discuss all forms of excise fraud while paying particular attention to cigarette smuggling.

Webinar 22/2019 'Illicit trade of tobacco products'

03 April 2019

The overall objective of this online training event is to enhance knowledge on the investigation of tobacco fraud by sharing good enforcement practices in the fight against the illicit production and the contraband of cigarettes.


Webinar 8/2018 Illegal cigarette manufacturing

22 October 2018

In the past, illicit cigarette manufacturing has been viewed as a criminal phenomenon that only countries outside the European Union could suffer from. While there were isolated detections of illegal factories in the Member States before, this issue was far from being widespread and had no significant impact on the tobacco market which was hurt by the massive amount of original cigarettes smuggled from Eastern Europe, counterfeit products arriving from the Far-East via sea in containers and the intra-community contraband from low tax countries to high tax ones.




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