Online Course 88/2021: OSINT - Focus on fake news and disinformation leading to extremism

17 May 2021 to 28 May 2021

The overall objective of the training activity is to enhance practitioners’ performance by sensitizing them so they are able to distinguish between open-source intelligence (OSINT) on the one hand and on the other hand fake news that can lead to extremism, including the role of social media in mobilising previously unpopular extremist movements.

Online Course 84/2020: Radicalisation - Image of extremism and radicalisation in contemporary Europe

16 November 2020 to 20 November 2020

The course focuses on the latest insights into contemporary forms, signs and ways of radicalisation by exploring latest developments and key actors in the field of extremism and radicalisation in Europe.

This activity is part of training events implemented by CEPOL Knowledge Centre on Counter Terrorism (CKC CT).

Webinar 57/2020: COVID-19 and online radicalisation

02 October 2020

The objectives of the webinar are:

  • to become familiar with left wing and right wing movements with a strong presence online;
  • to understand how movements seized the opportunity presented by the COVID-19 crisis to profile themselves online;
  • to be informed about conspiracy theories related to extremism.


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