financial investigations

09/2021 Money laundering

23 November 2021 to 26 November 2021

The aim of the activity is:

  • to enhance the fight against money laundering by enhancing the understanding of financial investigators of money laundering schemes;
  • to enhance their competencies in the level of transnational financial investigation techniques as well as their knowledge on money laundering prevention methods.

10/2021 Financial intelligence and analysis of financial data: follow-up

11 October 2021 to 14 October 2021

The aim of the activity is to strengthen the fight against financial crimes by enhancing financial analysts’ capacities to use financial intelligence in criminal investigations, to collect, evaluate, collate and analyse financial data and transactions efficiently in order to disseminate related intelligence products and to guide and support serious organised crime and counterterrorism investigations.

Online Course 8/2021/RES: Financial investigations

31 May 2021 to 11 June 2021

The aim of the training activity is to enhance the capacity and the awareness of the law enforcement officers and representatives of the judicial authorities, who are dealing with financial investigations.

The learning strategy includes three phases:



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