financial investigations

32/2017 Investigating and preventing corruption

16 May 2017 to 19 May 2017

The aim of this course is to improve professional skills in the fight against corruption and to improve the dialogue with the society in order to create a corruption resilient environment.

94/2016 Follow the money - financial investigations

27 February 2017 to 02 March 2017

The main goal of this activity is to enhance participants' knowledge on gathering proofs of crime in financial investigations.

The activity will encourage the exchange of good practices on financial intelligence and financial investigative methods. One of the modules will focus on asset recovery measures, and another one on the added value of EU cooperation instruments from EUROPOL and EUROJUST.

Participants will also gain knowledge on the use of virtual currencies in money laundering schemes and on non-conviction based asset recovery.

Webinar 09/2016 Synthetic drugs and financial investigations

30 November 2016

This webinar will support the reinforcement of cooperation between both fields and will enhance the mutual understanding of each other’s work.




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