foreign fighters

31/2016 De-radicalisation of foreign fighters

01 June 2016 to 03 June 2016

This course aims to enhance the competences of EU law enforcement officers on de-radicalisation of foreign fighters. Participants will be able to understand how extremists use Internet for radicalisation purposes, and will learn how to incorporate research results and best practices in this area into activities for de-radicalisation.

CEPOL seminar on Western Balkans organised crime links

11 November 2015

From 20 to 22 October 2015, CEPOL has organised jointly with PCC SEE (Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe) the seminar 27/2015 “Western Balkans organised crime links” in Budapest, Hungary. The activity gathered 34 participants and 7 experts from Kosovo*, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Hungary, Italy, France, Spain, EUROPOL and FRONTEX.

The activity aimed at:



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