Online Course 20/2020: False identity documents – crime facilitator

16 November 2020 to 27 November 2020

The activity focuses on enhancing the detection of false documents by better understanding of the design and security features of identity documents and combating forgery, falsification and illegal use of documents related to serious crime.

The entire activity will be implemented online between 16-27 November 2020.

80/2018 Forensic investigation in CBRN contaminated environment/terrorist attack

26 February 2019 to 01 March 2019

The aim of the course is to enhance use of deliverables of several recently finished EU pro-jects, including EDEN (the EDEN market) and GIFT-CBRN, which include novel detection systems, procedures and software for risk analysis and lab management (knowledge base), and to focus on integrating the work of all first responders and forensic specialists, while taking into account the already existing CBRN intervention pro-tocols.

81/2018 Forensic science and evidence - challenges for policing

16 October 2018 to 19 October 2018

To enhance common understanding on new areas of research and equipment regarding forensic evidence as well as on the interpretation of results and the standardisation of research methods in the context of forensic sciences, with a particular focus on digital evidence, its gathering and admissibility in cross-border cases.




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