Webinar AdHoc 43/2020: FRONTEX Handbook on detection of firearms for border guard and customs

18 January 2021

Objectives of the webinar:

  • To increase the knowledge on legal ways of transferring/importing/exporting weapons and documentation associated
  • To support the initial, appropriate evidence securing
  • Recognise different MO applied by criminals
  • Enhance LEA capacities to prevent and fight Firearms Trafficking

CEPOL’s Head of Operations attended the International Border Police Conference

31 October 2019

On 30 October, CEPOL's Head of Operations, Mailis Pukonen, attended a high-level conference organised by Frontex in Warsaw as a panelist in a discussion on Strategic Border management beyond borders: How can innovation and technology support it?

While addressing the topic, she stressed:

Too often new technologies are discussed in isolation from training and educational aspect.

Technology is only as good as its user. At the end of every tool, there is a person, human being to read the data, to interpret it and to act


Ilkka Laitinen - in memoriam

30 September 2019

It was with deep sorrow that we got the news of the sad demise, of Ilkka Laitinen, former Chief of the Finnish Border Guard.

On the behalf of the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) we express condolence for the loss.

Ilkka’s has been a devoted European and his work towards protection of the external Finnish and European borders have been respected and admired by the community across the Union. As the first Executive Director of Frontex, with his dedication and labour, he laid...




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