intellectual property

76/2019 Intellectual Property Rights - Counterfeiting and Piracy

14 October 2019 to 18 October 2019

The aim of the course is:

  • To recognise European criminal patterns on counterfeiting, share good practices on inter-agency and public-private cooperation, and identify the best investigative and administrative counter-measures.
  • To focus on counterfeiting in general with a specific modules on how to combat the illicit traffic of counterfeit goods on the internet and how to proceed with financial investigative/asset recovery measures following successful investigation of cases counterfeiting.

Webinar 63/2018 Enforcement of plant variety rights

04 May 2018

Plant variety rights are specific form of intellectual property that enjoy protection according to international (UPOV) conventions, regional agreements and national law. In the current commercial reality however the exclusive property rights of owners/breeders are often infringed for the sake of profit making. This criminal phenomenon seriously harms economic interest of the breeders, endangers future agro-research, decrease employment in the sector, reduces state revenues while enriches illegitimate traders and criminal groups and create health risks to consumers.



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