internet based investigations

33/2019 Child sexual exploitation on internet - undercover operations

18 November 2019 to 21 November 2019

The aim of the course is:

  • To create and/or improve skills to operate undercover on internet in order to fight child sexual exploitation.
  • To improve the cooperation regarding encountering crimes linked to sexual exploitation of children and the production and dissemination of child abuse material on the internet also through organised crime groups.

33/2018 Online service providers - Internet based investigations

03 September 2018 to 06 September 2018

To enhance the quality of requests from law enforcement authorities to Online Service Providers (OSPs) and hence the quality of the subsequent answer. To provide investigators with relevant information on how to request information from OSPs and how to read their responses in the different formats (JSON, CSV etc.). To improve knowledge of Internet-based investigations in competent law enforcement authorities by sharing relevant techniques and information on the usage of different tools.

32/2020: Conducting forensic searches in various IT devices

The aim of the course is:

  • To enhance skills in cyber forensics area related to recovery of digital evidence or data from IT devices, in particular mobile devices and Internet of Things (IoT),
  • To share experience on computer data analysis, technical aspects of Internet investigations and examination of IT devices.


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