malware analysis

38/2021 Malware investigation

20 September 2021 to 24 September 2021

The aim of the activity is to enhance cyber-investigation by obtaining information from the malware analysis process that will help locate criminals and their infrastructure.

Note: This course does not address reverse engineering and the disassembly of binary files.

Webinar 01/2021: Analysing the latest cyber-threats

08 April 2021

The aim of this webinar is to improve performance of law enforcement officers by enhancing awareness of the evolution of the latest cyber-threats.

The participants will gain knowledge about:

  • The most important forms of malware;
  • The cyber-attacks vectors;
  • Crime-as-a-Service (CaaS);
  • The evolution of cyber-threats.

Webinar 4/2020: Europol Malware Analysis Solution (EMAS) - Why you should not submit investigations’ data to the cloud

03 June 2020

The objective of the webinar is to introduce and/or update the participants about the latest features of EMAS 4.0 - Europol Malware Analysis Solution. EMAS is a Law Enforcement restricted malware analysis platform owned and hosted by Europol that supports the forensic examination of malware behaviour and focused in to enrich cross-border malware related investigations.

The webinar will also raise awareness among the participants on the risks of submitting case related malware samples to online malware analysis platforms.




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