online investigation

30/2019 Online service providers - internet-based investigations

09 September 2019 to 12 September 2019

The aim of the course is to enhance quality of requests from law enforcement authorities to Online Service Providers (OSPs) and reinforce the quality of the subsequent answer. To provide investigators with relevant information on how to request information from OSPs and how to read their responses in the different formats (JSON, CSV etc.). To improve knowledge of Internet-based investigations in competent law enforcement authorities by sharing relevant techniques and information on usage of different tools.

Albanian police officers enhance their knowledge on online investigations with CEPOL training course

22 December 2021

Within the frame of the Partnership against Crime and Terrorism project in the Western Balkans, CEPOL delivered a training course on online investigations, open-source intelligence and the dark web to Albanian law enforcement authorities. The five-day long activity took place in Tirana this December.

Overall, 30 law enforcement officials increased their knowledge on the collection, evaluation, analysis and distribution of information from online sources to tackle organised crime. Furthermore, the course helped the participants to be acquainted with new tools and best practices in...




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