organised crime

2/2022/ONS: Countering Serious Organised Crime and Mafia-Style Groups - Investigation Techniques

14 June 2022 to 17 June 2022

The activity aims to:

  • improve the disruption of high-risk criminal networks in the EU, in particular mafia-type, ethnic and family based criminal organisations.
  • promote the use of special investigative techniques and international cooperation by exchanging good practices on complex anti-mafia enforcement measures.

Webinar 28/2021: An added value in fighting serious crimes - A step by step approach towards a money laundering conviction without proving the underlying predicate offence

30 November 2021

The ultimate goal of most criminals committing serious crimes is financial gain. As incarceration is the calculated risk of these criminals the identification and the confiscation of illicit proceeds are the means of real deterrence and disruption of organised crime. The traditional enforcement logic requires first to identify and duly investigate the original or associated crime as that is the source of criminal revenue. Once the predicate offence – such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, smuggling of goods, fraud, facilitation of illegal immigration etc.


Webinar 32/2021: EU’s priorities for the fight against serious and organised crime for EMPACT 2022-2025

29 November 2021

The aim of the webinar is to raise awareness about the European Multidisciplinary Platform Against Criminal Threats (EMPACT) 2022+ and the EU’s crime priorities for 2022-2025.

By the end of this webinar, the audience will be able to:

  • Describe strategic and operational developments in the new EMPACT cycle;
  • Describe EMPACT as the flagship EU instrument for cooperation to fight organised and serious international crime;
  • Discuss the role of judiciary in EMPACT.



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