organised crime

Organised crime and Corruption in CSDP Missions

23 April 2018
Aurelija Pūraitė

CEPOL training course 58/2018 “Tackling OC and corruption in the host country” was held in Lithuania, Kaunas, hotel “Europa Royale Kaunas” on 17-18 April, 2018, due to raise awareness and enhance competences on preventing and combating organised crime and corruption in the host country of an EU CSDP civilian missions. It was organised by the Mykolas Romeris university, Faculty of Public Security, with the support of CKC on CSDP Missions.

Addressing EU security issues at the highest level

Poster of the Leadership Conference
17 September 2015

From 15 to 16 September 2015, CEPOL has organised the first EU Leadership Workshop for Police Chiefs. The CEPOL Leadership Workshop for Police Chiefs was a 2 days conference, the first of its kind. It brought together the highest ranking Police Chiefs from all EU Member States to exchange good practices on leadership.




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