organised property crime

Webinar 16/2020: The administrative approach to organised property crime

22 October 2020

The webinar focuses on:

  • Better understanding the concept and instruments of the complementary admin approach to tackle organised crime;
  • Explorations to its applications in organised property crime related crime;
  • In the field experiences and concrete applications.

Webinar AdHoc 19/2020: Organised property crime in the context of the COVID-19 crisis

16 June 2020

Objectives of the webinar:

  • To understand the range of changes to crime and security in times of disruption such as COVID-19 situation;
  • To be aware about recent cases when elderly people become victims of fraud and theft offences in the context of COVID-19;
  • To be informed about the new trends of thefts of facemasks and burglaries in pharmacies.

Webinar 18/2019 - Import Security Filing Project CARGO - Combating cross-border organised property crime with the emphasis on cargo crime modus operandi 'slashing tarpaulin'

18 December 2019

The objective of the webinar is to:

  • raise awareness of the ISF (Import Security Filing) Project CARGO mandate and objectives;
  • present the modus operandi in organised property crime;
  • discuss new trends and preventive measures, techniques to tackle this type of crime and mobile organised crime groups;
  • understand capacities offered by the ISF Project CARGO to be used for information exchange and analytical support in order to tackle cross-border dimension of organised property crime;
  • outlining the current state and success.



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