organised property crime

19/2021 Organised property crime

08 November 2021 to 12 November 2021

The aim of the activity is to:

  • improve the fight against organised property crime by ensuring a better understanding of this phenomenon as an organised crime;
  • improve the efficiency of prevention, intelligence collection, investigation and other law enforcement operations linked to organised property crime.

Webinar 16/2021: The administrative approach and organised property crime - theory and practice

17 June 2021

The aim of the webinar is to increase the competences and the awareness of the law enforcement officers and judicial authorities in the field of countering the organised property related crime. By attending the webinar, participants will be more familiar with:

  • The concept and instruments of the complementary admin approach to tackle organised crime
  • Explorations to its applications in organised property related crime
  • In the field experiences and concrete applications

Webinar 15/2021: Grandchild trick – cooperation and investigation possibilities

18 May 2021

At the end of the webinar, the participants will be familiar with:

  • “Grandchild-trick” as specific modus operandi used by criminals in the area of organised property crime (OPC);
  • The new developments of the OPC related crimes in the frame of the COVID-19 situation;
  • Effective tools for international operational cooperation, used when working on the grandchild-trick cases;
  • Important aspects of the investigation of grandchild-trick cases based on the experience of Europol.



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