payment fraud

Webinar 10/2019 'Intrusions in ATM infrastructure'

21 May 2019

Cybercriminals have moved from stealing payment card numbers and online banking credentials to more lucrative hacks on bank networks, giving them access not only to ATM machines, but also to electronic payment networks. The 'cash-out scheme' using malware to hack into bank‘s network through phishing emails and transfer money to mule accounts is on the rise, affecting many EU countries. The aim of this webinar is to give an overview of this new sophisticated modus operandi to Law Enforcement agencies in the EU.


Webinar 53/2018 ATM Malware/Black Box Investigation

06 December 2018

This webinar aims to present the ATM malware as sophisticated no cash payment fraud and the related French case Black Box “OP Joffre”.


Webinar 54/2018 Criminal activity in Telecom Fraud

20 November 2018

Telecom Fraud is a crime that involves many countries across the world. Cooperation is the key to carry out successful operations related to this type of crime. Knowing from LEA and Telecom companies side what are the issue in the investigations and how it is possible to collaborate together is the main goal in this training. This webinar will present the activities related to:

  • Telecom Fraud;
  • Updates and treads;
  • Trend.



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