CEPOL Webinar 41/2020: The prevention of victimization of minors - online and offline

18 May 2020

This webinar discusses the main ideas in the EUCPN Toolbox on preventing the victimization of minors in the digital age. Children's and young people's online behaviour leaves them vulnerable to online victimization, but it also opens up new vistas for online crime prevention. After an introduction on online victimization, it discusses a few basics of crime prevention and awareness-raising on the internet, based on ideas borrowed from social marketing.


Webinar 15/2020: Prevention activities - EU-wide Focus Day on domestic burglary and the pickpocketing campaign

08 April 2020

The objective of the webinar is to:

  • To raise awareness of the ‘ready to use’ prevention materials created by the EUCPN.
  • The EU-wide Focus Day on domestic burglary is created around the holiday period. A time when many people leave their house unattended.
  • The pick-pocketing campaign, on the other hand, focuses on mass events such as the UEFA Championship.

Webinar 74/2019 - Preventing attacks on critical infrastructure and public spaces

10 December 2019

The aim of the webinar is:

  • To build capabilities for effective protection of critical infrastructures and public spaces, thus mitigating terrorist attacks and threats,
  • To illustrate technical and organizational preventive measures, as well as an approach for the benefit of first responders.



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