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Webinar 36/2016 Safeguarding objectivity in criminal investigations

08 December 2016

This webinar aims at elucidating factors that impact objectivity in criminal investigations and investigative interviews.


76/2016 CEPOL 2016 Research and Science Conference: Global trends in law enforcement training and education

05 October 2016 to 07 October 2016

Global trends can only be defined from an international perspective - the development and progress of scientifically sound research informing and shaping law enforcement practice or education varies across countries and forces in Europe and worldwide. Thus the organisers are seeking input from a wide circle of international institutions, countries and research projects.

Few days left to register for the 2021 CEPOL Research and Science Conference!

2021 CEPOL Research and Science Conference
26 April 2021

There are a few days left to register for our next edition of the CEPOL Research & Science Conference that will take place between 5-7 May 2021. The conference is open to officials of European law enforcement organisations and to qualified scholars from universities and research institutions, actively working with law enforcement institutions.

This year, CEPOL has the honour to organise the conference in partnership with...




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