road safety

Webinar 96/2018 'Delinquency - intersections in traffic behaviour and criminal aptitudes'

22 March 2019

To explain how criminologists use different theories to study the development of criminal careers. Traffic psychologists focus on similar approaches. The faculty Traffic Science & Traffic Psychology has been studying the intersections with a Master-Thesis and the research-project LAWIDA, a longitudinal analysis regarding risk-taking aptitudes of juvenile in the age of 14 to 18.

Attendants are informed about the findings of the Master-Thesis and the research project LAWIDA and gain some ideas of prevention focussing both aspects - traffic safety and crime control.


Webinar 70/2018 How to reduce the number of dead road users

02 May 2018

The aim of this webinar is to inform about this common European issues and talk about possible solutions for the number of road users killed on the roads, talking about the main causes of such accidents.

What are the ways to reduce the number of mortal traffic accidents? The Head of TISPOL (European Traffic Police Network) will share vision and best practices at European level.



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