CEPOL training programme on migration - a success story

CEPOL training programme on migration
29 March 2016

145 participants from all over the EU and from Western Balkans countries took part in the activities. 45 experts contributed to the content and the facilitation of the workshops.


CEPOL training courses on migration

CEPOL courses on migration
04 March 2016

CEPOL has organised four training activities on migration. These residential courses took place at CEPOL’s Headquarters in Budapest, Hungary, between January and March 2016.


CEPOL course 6/2015 on cigarette smuggling

19 October 2015

From 7 to 10 September the International Training Centre from the Hungarian Ministry of Interior hosted the CEPOL course 6/2015 “Cigarette smuggling”. The activity aimed at expanding the participants’ knowledge on techniques to investigate, control and prevent this type of organised crime. Experts from Germany, Romania, United Kingdom, Hungary and international organisations such as the World Customs Organization (WCO), the European Commission, EUROPOL and FRONTEX contributed to the success of the training.




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