synthetic drugs

20/2019 Synthetic drugs and new psychoactive substances

10 December 2019 to 13 December 2019

The aim of the course is:

  • To increase law enforcement capacity to dismantle organised crime groups specialised in synthetic drugs production and contraband.
  • To enhance law enforcement cooperation through learning and discussing the possibilities of fighting the production and trafficking of synthetic drugs with perspective on the new form of synthetic drugs, including new psychoactive substances.

22/2019 Illicit laboratory dismantling - follow up

08 October 2019 to 11 October 2019

The aim of the course is to train law enforcement officials and forensic personnel, how in safe and secure way dismantling the illicit drug laboratories, and how in proper way conduct crime scene investigation of these sites.

Webinar 13/2019 'Backtracking process related to the barrier model for tackling synthetic drug, (pre-) precursors, chemicals and equipment'

15 April 2019

To objective of the webinar is to:

  • understand the barrier model , in particular in relation to (pre) precursors, essential chemicals and equipment;
  • understand the EILCS (Europol Illicit Laboratory Comparison System);
  • identify best practices.



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