synthetic drugs

22/2018 Synthetic drugs

23 October 2018 to 25 October 2018

To enhance police cooperation through learning and discussing the possibilities how to fight the production and trafficking of synthetic drugs with weight on the newest synthetic drugs, including NPS

Webinar 14/2017 Synthetic Drugs - New Investigative Instruments

13 November 2017

The aim of this webinar is developing and acquiring of new operational and investigative instruments to combat synthetic drugs.


CEPOL residential activity 20/2018 on Illicit laboratory dismantling (advanced)

25 June 2018

On 04-15 June 2018, an international training on handling the investigation casework in hazardous environment at illegal drug manufacturing site titled “Illicit laboratory dismantlingadvanced” organized by Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police took place in Poland. The course, realized under the CEPOL training programme with reference number 20/2018 in collaboration with Europol, took place in Jachranka, where the experts shared their knowledge with the course attendees in form of lectures.



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