16/2018 Firearms linked to OC and terrorism - implementation of EU Firearms Directive

03 April 2018 to 06 April 2018

To control and restrict the access to firearms and explosives and apply a system of licenses and registrations for firearms and explosives in the EU Member States.

Webinar 34/2017 Investigating Financial Sources of Terrorism - ECTC products, services, tools

22 November 2017

This webinar aims to raise awareness of the European Counter Terrorism Centre, its products, services, the Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme tool (TFTP) and the ways these can be used by investigators in the areas of financial investigation and counter terrorism.


Terror in Strasbourg

12 December 2018

We strongly condemn the act of violence at the heart of the European integration and France. Together at CEPOL, we pay tribute to those killed and seriously injured.

On behalf of all of us involved in training European of law enforcement community, we express a message of solidarity to the families of victims, to people of Strasbourg and all those who dedicate their lives to provide security to our citizens.

CEPOL, being responsible for the European law enforcement officials training and cooperation facilitation will work tirelessly with law...




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