terrorist attack

Webinar AdHoc 37/2020: Type of threats against critical infrastructure, with a special focus on water supply

26 January 2021

The aim of the webinar is to provide an overview on societies' critical infrastructure as potential target for terrorist attack, with particular emphasis on water supply.

By the end of the webinar the participant will be able to:


Webinar 54/2020: Case study - 'Lessons learned from the terrorist attacks in Spain'

22 September 2020

The objectives of this webinar are to be able to:

  • Get to know the two terrorist attacks occurred in Spain related to radical Islamic terrorism,
  • Be informed about the preparation of the attacks, targets pursued and results achieved,
  • To understand the difficulties and procedures of the investigation,
  • To be informed of the lessons learned.

89/2019 Aftermath of attack

09 December 2019 to 13 December 2019

The aim of the course is to draw upon national experiences in the following fields:

  • Securing the area of the attack
  • Role of the forensic / judicial police
  • Communication between actors involved on the scene
  • Communication to the public
  • Exchange of information / international cooperation
  • EU good practices for law enforcement officials dealing with terrorist attacks



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