Online course 01/2018: Detection and investigation of criminal activities in the area of THB (The basics of cyber-investigation for THB specialists)

17 September 2018 to 12 October 2018

The course is designed on the online platform of CEPOL. The physical presence of participants will not be required, trainers will facilitate the course, give instructions and provide feedback online.

The overall objective of the training activity is to develop professional skills to detect and investigate THB while using online investigation methods and techniques and enhance cooperation with cyber-crime experts.

The activity will cover the following five sections across four weeks:


7/2018 THB - labour exploitation

17 September 2018 to 19 September 2018

To enhance investigation potential on Trafficking in Human Beings (THB) and cooperation between Law Enforcement and Labour Inspectorates. To enhance the multi-agency approach and the capacity of law enforcement officers to cooperate with labour inspectors in order to tackle labour exploitation.

Webinar 3/2018 THB for the purpose of committing forced crimes

17 July 2018

To gain understanding of EU legislation, especially regarding minors’ protection.

To understand what aspects underline the purpose of forced criminality.

To gather evidences supporting suspect’s prosecution.

To tackle the identification of suspects of criminal offences as THB victims.

How to overcome difficulties regarding OCGs involved in THB for the purpose of forced criminality.

Multi-national and multi-agency cooperation.




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