VAT fraud

Webinar 21/2021: Presentation of guidelines on prevention and detection of VAT fraud in the guarantees of origin market

21 September 2021

The aim of the webinar is to enhance the capacity and the awareness of the law enforcement officers and the representatives from judicial authorities in the area of countering the VAT frauds.

By the end of this webinar, the audience will:


20/2021 Missing Trader Intra-Community fraud

06 July 2021 to 09 July 2021

The aim of the activity is to:

  • increase the protection of the financial interests of the Member States and EU against Missing Trader Intra-Community fraud by exchanging knowledge on fraud schemes, criminal modus operandi and latest crime patterns;
  • enhance the knowledge on contemporary intelligence and evidence collection methods instrumental for the detection and investigation of MTIC/tax fraud in particular in the area of electronic evidence;
  • to enhance related inter-agency cooperation and multidisciplinary approach.

Webinar 21/2020: Ongoing MTIC fraud around Europe

23 June 2020

The objectives of the webinar is to:

  • overview a current Missing Trader Intra Community (MTIC) fraud modi operandi within Europe;
  • acquaint with the types of MTIC fraud: the specific case of "carrousel fraud", indications that may lead to the detection of the presence of an MTIC fraud network;
  • introduce criminal investigation tools used to collect evidence in order to reconstruct the fraud circuits and prove the existence of MTIC fraud - examples of fraud circuits that have been reconstituted and specificities of the investigated fraud network.



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