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Webinar 6/2020: Welfare for online child sexual exploitation teams (Part of Webinar Series 'Victim Identification in the area of Child Sexual Exploitation')

17 December 2020

The objective of this webinar series is to provide information about the victim identification in the area of child sexual exploitation. The series also cover services that are offered by Europol and Interpol in the area of victim identification in child sexual exploitation.

The fourth webinar, 'Welfare for online child sexual exploitation teams' takes place live on 17 December 2020.

The first three webinars of the series have been recorded and can already be visited on CEPOL's eLearning platform LEEd by registering to the webinar series on the link below.


Webinar 8/2019 - Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) – Victim Identification Taskforce (VIDTF) Workflow

05 November 2019

The aim is to introduce the Victim ID Taskforce and its workflow. By the end of this webinar, the participant will understand the Victim ID function @ AP Twins at Europol and will have basic knowledge of Victim Identification Taskforce and its workflow.


93/2018 Disaster victim identification

29 October 2018 to 02 November 2018

To establish enhanced coordination and management of national and international DVI operations and to enhance and harmonise the level of knowledge of law enforcement personnel in the different countries involved in coordinating and managing Disaster Victim Identification as well as in the identification of all types of victims, e.g. missing persons.



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