Germany's Presidency

of the Council of the European Union

1 July - 31 December 2020

Germany's presidency of the Council of the EU

As of 1 July 2020, Germany holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The priorities of Germany's presidency are driven by its motto: "Together for Europe’s recovery".

The presidency programme focuses on six main areas:

  • overcoming the consequences of the coronavirus crisis for the long-term as well as economic and social recovery
  • a stronger and more innovative Europe
  • a fair Europe
  • a sustainable Europe
  • a Europe of security and common values
  • a strong Europe in the world

The German presidency of the Council of the EU will focus directly on overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. Fighting the spread of the virus, supporting the European economy to recover and reinforcing social cohesion in Europe. In order to achieve this, Germany is committed to joint approved action, European solidarity and common values.​

Germany's presidency of the Council of the EU

The guiding principles of Germany's Presidency of the Council of the EU © Bundesregierung

Together in Europe – Together for Europe

The Federal Ministry of the Interior’s work programme provides an important foundation for the ministry’s work during the Council Presidency. It takes up the topics of the overall German programme, addresses them in greater detail and adds further topics of relevance for the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Particular expectations are attached to European home affairs policy, as it affects almost every area of our lives and has a crucial impact on whether people in Europe feel connected to one another and whether they can live self-determined lives in freedom and security. Threats from extremist and terrorist violence, the challenges of migration, demographic change, the rapid spread of digital technologies in our living environment, and the current coronavirus pandemic pose tremendous challenges for Europe and the world. Only together can we cope with the tasks that arise from this. Home affairs policy that thinks only as far as national borders belongs to the past. The coronavirus pandemic has been a particularly stark reminder of this.

Along with crisis management, the following issues remain priorities for the Federal Ministry of the Interior: the migration package, security matters (such as interoperability and combating right-wing extremism), issues of social and territorial cohesion (including building and housing policy), and digital transformation.

The ministry is tackling these and other issues under three headings:

  • Living together in a strong society

Europe must be strong and resilient. It must always remain a place that brings together the different interests and needs of its people, because our co-existence is strongly marked by the fact that the majority of Europeans like living in Europe and also share a commitment to European values. European home affairs policy must in turn create the conditions for overcoming crises together.

  • Resolving European migration issues together

Europe must remain a place that is committed to solidarity. Managing migration and dealing with refugees are crucial issues for the future of the European Union. Europe must find onvincing long-term answers in these areas. These answers must be measured by humanitarian and constitutional values, and must also take into account our citizens’ security as well as the limits of what is feasible and sustainable for our society.

  • Working together to provide security for all

Europe must remain a place where people live in freedom and safety – also and especially in times of crisis – and where they feel free and safe. This is true both in the “real world” and in cyberspace. All residents of Europe should be able to live in safety, free of fear, regardless of their convictions or their worldviews.

Trio Programme of the Council of the European Union

Along with national Presidency programmes, each trio presidency also has an 18-month trio programme for the Council. It sets the thematic focus for the three consecutive Presidencies, thereby ensuring a certain continuity among them. The German Council Presidency kicks off the trio presidency with Portugal (Council Presidency in the first half of 2021) and Slovenia (Council Presidency in the second half of 2021).

The trio programme addresses many topics, including but not limited to police cooperation, civil protection and migration.

Germany's presidency of the Council of the EU - Trio programme


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