The Croatian Presidency

of the Council of the European Union

1 January - 30 June 2020

Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union

As of January 2020, Croatia holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the first time.

Based on Croatian national priorities, in line with the EU Strategic Agenda 2019-2024 and drawing on the Trio Programme, Croatia has prepared its six-month presidency programme built around four pillars:

  • A EUROPE THAT DEVELOPS uniformly, sustainably and inclusively
  • A EUROPE THAT CONNECTS in transport, energy and digital space
  • A EUROPE THAT PROTECTS its citizens, enhances their security and safeguards their rights
  • A EUROPE THAT IS INFLUENTIAL globally open and a strong partner to its neighbours

The four priorities are united in the motto “A strong Europe in a world of challenges”, which encapsulates the vision of a European Union acting for the benefit of its Member States and citizens.


The European Union considers the security of its citizens to be an issue of utmost importance. Hence we will strengthen internal security, provide for a more effective control of external borders, ensure the full interoperability of IT systems and strengthen resilience to external threats, hybrid and malicious cyber activities. Our common goal remains to find a comprehensive solution for a sustainable and effective migration and asylum policy. The Croatian Presidency will focus on further establishing the Union as an area of freedom, security and justice, founded on common values, democracy and the rule of law.

Croatian Presidency 2020 priorities in the area of Home Affairs:

  • Comprehensive and effective migration policy
  • Strengthened control of the EU external border and return to the normal functioning of the Schengen Area
  • Improved internal security and interoperability of information systems
  • Sustainable framework for Home Affairs Funds
  • Continued work on the Union Mechanism for Civil Protection


Homepage of the Croatian Presidency of the Council of EU:

Croatia's programme for the Presidency: EU2020HR Priorities

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