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Priorities of the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union

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24 June 2015

Today, Mr. Dirk Dubois, Head of the European Security Defence College (ESDC), visited CEPOL’s Headquarters. The purpose of the visit was to discuss further...

Sharing expertise
18 June 2015

CEPOL has launched a new series of video interviews on its YouTube channel: Sharing expertise. These...

30 June 2015

The Swedish National Police Academy (Stockholm, Sweden) organised from 2 to 4 June 2015 the CEPOL course 3/2015 on Trafficking in Human Beings and Labour...

06 July 2015


  • to discuss concrete steps on how hate crimes can be recognised in practice, thereby ensuring that bias motives are taken into account in the process of investigation;
  • to raise awareness on reasons why victims of hate crime do not often report the most serious cases of violence and what can be done to build victims' trust and encourage reporting.
06 July 2015 to 10 July 2015

The aim of this seminar is to enhance safety and security by increasing the effectiveness and harmonisation of policing in football matches with a European dimension.

Participants will be able to:

  • strengthen the international partnerships between the delegations regularly involved in fixtures
  • discuss, critically evaluate and learn from the latest knowledge, research and good practice from across Europe
  • expand the philosophy of safety-oriented public order management and intelligence-based policing
  • develop and enhance international good practice by creating a platform to understand the links between local practices, existing policy, evidence and theory
  • understand the crowd dynamics theory and how it applies to active policing during football events


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