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The European Police Exchange Programme is a CEPOL flagship activity, offering law enforcement staff the opportunity to spend up 6 days / 5 nights with a counterpart in another country.

This programme fulfils CEPOL’s mission to foster European and international law enforcement cooperation through training to the benefit of European citizens through the following objectives:

  • to promote mobility and allow the exchange of police and other law enforcement officials, in the framework of practice-related training programmes;
  • to establish a common and shared practical knowledge in different law enforcement fields;
  • to disseminate and share, at the EU level, good policing practice;
  • to contribute to the creation of a European law enforcement culture;
  • to encourage mutual learning and networking in the framework of European law enforcement cooperation.

The European Police Exchange Programme will comprise exchange programmes for:

  • law enforcement officers and experts
  • law enforcement leaders
  • law enforcement trainers
  • researchers
  • participants within the frame of interagency cooperation
  • ENP Eastern Partnership-Western Balkan countries and Turkey

All topics covered by the Exchange Programme have been identified by CEPOL as priority thematic areas and most have a European or cross-border dimension.

To take part in an exchange, participants must:

  • have a minimum of three years’ work experience in the field of interest;
  • speak at least one foreign language;
  • preferably be new to the Exchange Programme;
  • commit to cascading their newly gained knowledge to colleagues at a national and European level.

Law enforcement staff interested in taking part in the European Police Exchange Programme can contact their National Exchange Coordinator (contact list is available on e-Net for registered users).


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