Why learn with CEPOL

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Our approach to learning

CEPOL employs a multi-layered approach to learning, including:

  • residential courses and seminars
  • online seminars (webinars)
  • e-learning modules
  • bilateral exchanges through the Exchange Programme
  • research and science conferences

All activities are supported by e-Net, CEPOL’s online learning platform. Though e-Net, users have access to tools and resources that support and prolong the learning experience. The e-Net platform also hosts the e-Journals service which provides registered users with access to international scientific journals related to police science and police practices.

CEPOL activities provide opportunities to stay up-to-date with the latest international developments and trends in the law enforcement field, especially concerning cross-border and serious international crime.

Reasons to study with CEPOL

  1. Learn about the latest developments and trends in the law enforcement field
  2. Learn from the experts
  3. Meet law enforcement professionals
  4. Share best practices
  5. Practice your language skills
  6. Join CEPOL’s online community to prolong your learning experience

Our expertise

CEPOL provides training and education on a portfolio of activities that are important in the fight against cross-border crime.

  • Counter-terrorism
  • Crime prevention
  • Economic crime
  • EU cooperation
  • EU policy cycle
  • Human rights
  • Law enforcement techniques
  • Learning and training
  • Management
  • Other organised crime
  • Research & science

The full list of activities is available here.


Office address

European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training
1066 Budapest
Ó utca 27

Correspondence address

European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training
1903 Budapest

Email address

Telephone: +36 1 803 8030/8031

Fax: +36 1 803 8032