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Webinar 06/2017 Counterfeit goods in social media

26 April 2017

This webinar will focus on the emerging criminal phenomenon of the use of social media in the illicit trade of counterfeit goods, and will demonstrate the effective response of law enforcement by responding to the following questions through practical examples:

  • What are the existing crime patterns in social media?
  • How shall law enforcement cooperate with the industry?
  • In which circumstances an enforcement action shall be conducted?
  • How to prioritise cases?
  • How should digital investigative techniques be applied in this area?

Webinar 70/2017 3D scanning at crime scene

18 April 2017

The aim of this webinar is to raise awareness on forensic usage of 3D imaging system and the legal background, as well as to share practical experiences in this area.


Webinar Ad Hoc "Wrongful removal or retention of the child - the Brussels II bis Regulation"

20 April 2017

This webinar aims at:

  • providing participants with a better understanding of the current legal landscape of the cross-border child abduction in the EU;
  • analysing the Council Regulation (EC) No 2201/2003 of 27 November 2003 (Brussels II bis);
  • underlining the role of this Regulation as a precursor EU law text;
  • revealing the swift new ways that envisage to grant the return of a child wrongfully removed or retained;
  • showing how the decisions with incidence on these matters started to have a status of immediately enforceable documents.



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