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28/2018 Open source IT forensics (IT digital forensic with open sources tools)

12 November 2018 to 23 November 2018

The aim of the activity is to provide participants with an introduction to Open Source forensic software, file systems, data carving, evidential digital artifacts, networking, computer forensic strategies and live data forensics. It also aims to disseminate the latest investigation techniques and methods and to promote the mutual sharing of experience.

34/2018 Financial investigations

06 November 2018 to 09 November 2018

To strengthen multidisciplinary cooperation in financial investigations and develop cooperation between law enforcement and judicial authorities; to enhance knowledge on gathering proof of crime through financial investigations; to improve asset tracing and recovery capability.

48/2018 Preventing attacks on critical infrastructure

19 November 2018 to 23 November 2018

To build advanced capabilities for effective protection of critical infrastructure, thus mitigating terrorist attacks and threats.



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