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Webinar 76/2018 POWER: Police Officer Wellness, Ethics and Resilience

03 December 2018

Police work is faced with daily challenges and demands that few other occupations comprehend. To be an effective as well as an efficient police officer in today’s environment, requires a blend of several skills, among which: Emotional intelligence, empathy, resilience and stress management have been highlighted as of essence in recent literature.

During the Webinar’s workings, the experts will:

• raise awareness about complexity of police stress and trauma;


Webinar 90/2018 Risk analysis and identification of threats to the tax system

13 December 2018

Raising the level of knowledge in threats resulting with transferring goods and services in the European Union. Correct analysis of areas of the risk, quickness to respond for the existing risk and due selection of methods of action.


Webinar 97/2018 Interviewing children victims and witnesses of crime

12 December 2018

The aim of this webinar is to share knowledge and expertise on the existing standards and good practices interviewing children who have been victims or witnesses of crime. Expert from Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) and a national law enforcement authority will discuss existing challenges and share some tools that can help law enforcement and judiciary conducting child friendly interviews, according to the Council of Europe Guidelines on child-friendly justice.




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