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Webinar Adhoc 22/2021: Protection of public spaces and vulnerable targets - EU Quick Guide to support the protection of places of worship

18 November 2021

The aim of the webinar is to develop advanced capabilities for effective protection of soft targets, with special focus on places of worship, by identifying the procedures/steps of target analysis, discussing options for taking preventive measures of a technical and organisational nature, with special attention for the benefit of first responders.

By the end of this webinar, the audience will be able to:


Online Course 50/2021/RES: SIS II for SIRENE staff with Technical Knowledge of SIS II

29 November 2021 to 10 December 2021

The aim of this training activity is to enhance the performance and cooperation of SIRENE operators by providing an overview of eu-LISA and SIRENE relations, the legal background, SISII technical topics relative to SIRENE, of the escalation procedure for SIRENE and the role of the SIRENE in eu-LISA change management procedure and by providing an update on SIRENE topics as well as enhancing their ability to cascade the acquired knowledge to national administrators/operators after attending the training activity.

Online Course 8/2021: Interoperability

29 November 2021 to 02 December 2021

The aim of this training activity is to raise awareness and strengthening the knowledge on interoperability of large scale IT systems to exchange data and enable sharing of information in targeted and intelligent way, and preparing end users to using existing information held in EU systems to the best effect, in full respect of fundamental rights including data protection safeguards.



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