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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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18 February 2020

The Dreambox case deals with investigations on a complex criminal scheme aimed at providing commercial premises, mainly pubs and sport clubs, with illegal pay tv subscription programmes that were fraudulently allowing owners to show sport content to customers in their premises at the detriment of legitimate stakeholders. The case is interesting not only for the criminal scheme in itself and for the progressive evolution of the defendants modus operandi, but especially for the successful prosecutorial strategy that focused on bringing charges for conspiracy to defraud rather than on intellectual property rights infringements. The sentences imposed demonstrate the severity of the nature and scale of the fraud. Defendant 1 SK was sentenced to seven years and four months of imprisonment, Defendant 2 PR was sentenced to imprisonment for a period of six years and four months and Defendant 3 DM to imprisonment for a period of three years and three months.



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