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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

All day
15 December 2020

The objectives of the webinar are:

  • to become familiar with the new trends and tools, which might be successfully used in the field of counter-terrorism;
  • to be informed about the latest technologies applicable for countering the terrorism;
  • to be able to select the right innovative approach when working on particular terrorism-related cases.

15 December 2020

The objective of this webinar is to share knowledge on some of the most burning basic questions related to new Payment Service Providers:

  • What type of Payment Service Providers do exist nowadays?
  • How can we distinguish them?
  • What kind of services do they provide for their clients?
  • What sort of personal and financial data do they handle? What is the legislative framework behind Payment Service Providers?
  • How do they cooperate with law enforcement?
  • How can law enforcement gather information for serious crime and terrorism financing related investigations?
  • What can be reasonably expected from them? How can the threat of money laundering and terrorism financing be reduced?
  • How suspicious transactions shall be filtered and reported by service providers?


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