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Thursday, October 21, 2021

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06 September 2021 to 29 October 2021

The course aims to enable participants to achieve a Common European Framework of References for languages (CEFR) to the level of B1 - independent user, in Police English Language.

The specific objectives for participants of this course are:

  1. To have the ability, in accordance with CEFR, to express themselves briefly in familiar situations and to deal in a general way with non-routine information in writing, in speaking, in reading and in listening;
  2. To enrich their Police English Language vocabulary and use it appropriately in situations where police specific terminology is required;
  3. To practice cooperation on a European level, which they can later on utilise in cross-border communication.

The course is scheduled to take place in the period of 6 September – 29 October 2021.

The curriculum content will focus on online self-paced, as well as, trainer guided activities and related assignments in the following subject knowledge areas:

  • English Police Station, Equipment and Officers
  • Money laundering
  • Cybercrime
  • Europol
  • Schengen
  • Counterterrorism
  • EU Policy Cycle
  • Joint Investigation Teams
  • Immigration

Reading, speaking, writing and listening skills will be practiced in the context of the abovementioned topics.

The content of the course will be presented in CEPOL's virtual learning environment where participants will engage in activities extending and practising their Police English Language skills.

Participants are expected to study around 12-15 hour per week in order to be able to achieve the aim. This course is fully flexible and learners can progress along the weekly activities at their own pace, however sometimes they are offered to attend real time sessions with the trainers and must submit certain assignments on time. Participants should follow the course continuously, preferably on a daily basis.

Nomination: The online course offers 100 seats altogether. In case you are interested to participate, please contact your local CEPOL National Unit / CEPOL National Contact Point at your earliest convenience to receive detailed information on the application process. Deadline for nominations by CEPOL National Units: 16 July 2021.

11 October 2021 to 22 October 2021

The aim of the training activity is to enhance information exchange between law enforcement authorities in the Member States as well as cooperation and exchange of knowledge on innovative methods and techniques regarding the daily information exchange via Single Points of Contact (SPOC).

The activity will focus on identifying different models of SPOC in each Member State as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for international police cooperation, operating 24/7; relevant guidelines and manual for international law enforcement cooperation and information exchange; difficulties/challenges faced by countries when using the SPOCs; key elements of existing tools; information flow between designated contact points and data protection provisions.

The learning process highlights a learner-centred approach and will consist of:

  • Independent Learning: reviewing case studies, watching webinars and short videos, studying reading material (18 hours);
  • Contact Learning: live webinars and live session, group work, forum discussion with other participants, exchange of good practice (8 hours);
  • Experiential Learning: a simulated case exercise is provided in the end of the activity which needs to be analysed by participants (4 hours).

Participant should be available for the live webinars and live session, according to the course programme and they should follow the course continuously. This is important as they will need to exchange their ideas with other participants virtually and complete small tasks/assignments then share the results of these tasks between each other and debate them collectively. Completion of the course would require minimum 2 hours investment / working day from the attending participant during the length of three weeks.

The course will be held entirely in English, therefore it is essential that nominated officials possess appropriate language skills (at least B2 level).

No special experience is required from participants but it is important that they`ll remain open-minded, active and will be willing to share their ideas/experience during the learning process.

The entire activity will be carried out online on CEPOL’s Law Enforcement Education Platform (LEEd), hence the physical presence of participants will not be required. Participants will need to complete the registration procedure in LEEd in order to get access to the course page.


In case you are interested to attend, please contact your local CEPOL National Unit / CEPOL National Contact Point as soon as possible. Deadline for nominations by CEPOL National Units: 10 September 2021.

Selected participants have to be registered to CEPOL's online Law Enforcement Education platform LEEd where the online activity will take the place.

18 October 2021 to 22 October 2021

The aim of the activity is to improve the fight against illicit drug laboratories by refreshing and deepening the knowledge and understanding of participants on methods of detecting and dismantling illicit drug laboratories in order to be able to work more independently during crime scene investigation of these sites.

18 October 2021 to 22 October 2021

The aim of this activity is to enhance the knowledge on the future use of the interoperability components: ESP (European Search Portal); CIR (Common Identity Repository); MID (Multiple Identity Detector) and sBMS (shared Biometric Matching Service) as parts of the future landscape of interoperable large-scale IT systems by informing on the changes in the operation of the existing and new large-scale IT systems (EES, ETIAS, VIS, SIS II, Eurodac etc.) affected by the introduction of interoperability components.

18 October 2021 to 22 October 2021

The aim of this activity is to improve the effectiveness and the good quality of law enforcement training in the EU Member States and in the CEPOL activities by training trainers in using modern delivery methods and applying blended learning techniques.

19 October 2021 to 22 October 2021

The aim of this activity is to improve the efficient response of the law enforcement regarding the criminal use of drones by enhancing the use of aerial vehicles systems for law enforcement purposes, such as for border control and police operations.

21 October 2021

The aim of the webinar is to raise awareness about the EMPACT THB/ETUTU project and to enhance the participants knowledge on Nigerian Trafficking Networks operating in the EU and engaged in the sexual exploitation of young women by using a case study.

Upon completion of the activity the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the added value of the EMPACT THB/ETUTU project focusing on Nigerian trafficking networks;
  • Outline the modus operandi of the criminals involved in the sexual exploitation of Nigerian victims;
  • List effective measures to detect and counter trafficking networks involved in the crime, including financial investigations.


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