eLesson: Use of social media by criminals

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This eLesson consists of three topic chapters as well as a glossary of terms and abbreviations related to investigations on social media. Users can also check their levels of understanding by considering a selection of quiz questions. In more detail, the topic chapters are:

1. The phenomenon of social media: The widespread usage and other characteristics of social media that enable criminals to exploit it.

2. Categories of crimes in which social media are used: Common crimes that are committed or facilitated by social media include phishing, social engineering, social botnets, identity theft, gossip clickbait, trafficking of human beings, stalking and blackmailing, and frauds such as fake payments, rendezvous portals and auctions.

3. Awareness when using social media: Preventive measures and best practices that help protect users of social media from criminal activities, such as using strong passwords, being wary of privacy, being responsible, and using only official apps.

Study time: 60 minutes

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Target Audience: 

Law enforcement officials who are not specifically dealing with social media crimes, but who require an understanding for conducting their operational activities.


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