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Webinar 76/2016 Human rights and police ethics - detention conditions and handling of detained persons

11 May 2016

This webinar aims at:

  • highlighting the importance of ethical behaviour in day-to-day police work;
  • enhancing the integration of diversity issues into police management;
  • promoting a European analysis concerning human rights and police ethics;
  • raising awareness on the rights of detained persons and on human rights of citizens.

Webinar 72/2016 Hate crime: encouraging reporting and ensuring recording of bias motivated incidents

26 April 2016


  • discuss how hate crimes can be identified in practice, thereby ensuring that bias motives are taken into account in the investigation;
  • raise awareness of the reasons why victims of hate crime often do not report the most serious cases of violence, and what can be done to build victims’ trust and to encourage reporting;
  • introduce participants to different areas of hate crime, such as anti-semitism.

Webinar 73/2016 Ensuring rights of victims of crime

13 April 2016

The aim of this webinar is to discuss how law enforcement and victim support services can interact and cooperate to provide essential help to victims of crime at the earliest stage possible. This includes police providing victims with information about - and referring them to - support services, data protection issues, victims being accompanied to the police by staff of support services, and the exchange of views on risks of repeated victimisation between support services and the police.




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