Law enforcement cooperation and information exchange

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63/2017 SIS II for SIRENE staff with technical knowledge of SIS II

27 September 2017 to 28 September 2017

The overall aim of this course is to provide an overview of eu-LISA and SIRENE relations, of the legal background, on SIS II technical topics related to SIRENE, of the escalation procedure for SIRENE and of the role of SIRENE in the eu-LISA change management procedure. The latest updates on SIRENE related topics will also be provided. Finally, course participants will be trained on an appropriate training methodology in order to further spread the acquired knowledge to peers (national administrators/operators).

Webinar 55/2017 - Use of INTERPOL's tools for the prevention and detection of crime

19 September 2017

This webinar aims to raise awareness about the tools and services offered by INTERPOL aimed at increasing the ability of investigators in using INTERPOL's alerts on new modi operandi and the adoption of appropriate preventive measures.


65/2017 Schengen evaluation - police cooperation

04 September 2017 to 08 September 2017

The aim of this course is to prepare leading experts and evaluators for Schengen evaluation missions in the field of police cooperation.




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