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Webinar 60/2020: LMS use for the support of CEPOL residential activities

07 February 2020

Upon completion of the activity the participants will be able to list tools, activities and resources from the CEPOL ‘Activity Image’ template on the learning management system (LMS) to be incorporated effectively in a training context. Attendees who are organising CEPOL activities will be able to find support on the use of the CEPOL LMS. For this webinar we will focus on changes to the Activity Image and demonstration of the good practices. For general explanation of the Activity Image, please watch the recorded webinar on “Activity Image 11”.


Webinar 14/2019 - Europol operational support to synthetic drug investigations

17 December 2019

The objective of the webinar is:

  • Understand role of Europol in supporting synthetic drug operations,
  • Illustrate importance of gathering of information on the EU level regarding ongoing investigations,
  • Apply information exchange tools through Europol.

Webinar 57/2019 - Entry/Exit System (EES) High Level architecture and implementation roadmap

16 December 2019

The webinar aims to describe the overall architecture of the Entry/Exit System (EES), the various actors involved and focus on how Law Enforcement activities will integrate with EES. It is proposed as well to describe the roadmap towards the entry into operations including the testing activities.




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