Online Course 07/2019: Firearms - International Cooperation and Operations

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Online Course 07/2019: Firearms - International Cooperation and Operations
09 March 2020 to 27 March 2020

The overall aim of the online course is to deliver training concerning the legal aspects, operational aspects, international cooperation, intelligence gathering and information exchange aspects on the topic of Firearms Control and Firearms Trafficking, focusing on the operational aspects concerning the implementation of EMPACT Operational Action Plans.

The course will be divided in three phases:

  1. Independent Learning Phase (ILP): During the ILP, participants will have to read/study several legal and strategic documents related to Firearms, complete the CEPOL Online Firearms Module and view selected Recorded Webinars. All activities performed by the participants will be monitored by the Activity Manager and pool of Trainers and these will also be available to answer possible questions from the participants’ side. The completion of these activi-ties has an estimated duration of 15/20 hours and the whole phase will last for 3 weeks, so the participants may adequate the study time according to their own agendas. Additionally, and concerning the Firearms Online Module, Participant need to make a report on how this Module can be improved, making comments and suggestions on a specific Forum.
  2. Contact Learning Phase (CLP): The CLP has the duration of 3 weeks. On each week, the training will focus on a given Operational Action from the EMAPCT Firearms. Following an opening Live Webinar, for each Operational Action there will be Discussion Forums where Participants can create discussion topics, comment on the topics launched by the Trainers and discuss the subject with other Participants.
  3. Experiential Learning Phase (ELP): The ELP will have the duration of two weeks. During that period, participants will have to design an Opera-tional Action Plan (OAP), taking into consideration all the aspects covered during the ILP and CLP (legal aspects, technical aspects, investigation tools, international cooperation aspects, information ex-change aspects and expected results.

The course will be held entirely in English, therefore it is essential that nominated officials possess appropriate language skills. The entire activity is carried out online hence the physical presence of participants will not be required.


The online course offers 35 seats altogether. In case you are interested, please contact your local CEPOL National Unit / CEPOL National Contact Point.

Target Audience: 

Law enforcement officials dealing with firearms trafficking with a European dimension.

Virtual, accessible through CEPOL e-Net (after approved registration)


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