Online Course 51/2021: SIRENE Officers - Level 1

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Online Course 51/2021: SIRENE Officers - level 1
03 May 2021 to 21 May 2021

The overall objective of the training activity is to support the effective functioning of SIRENE cooperation on the basis of the SIS II legal instruments, the SIRENE Manual, the Best Practice Catalogue and the document “Data Exchange Between SIRENE (DEBS)” in order to make information exchange more efficient.

The learning strategy is focused to enhance the knowledge in the areas covered under the learning outcomes for the SIRENE operators on SIS II and SIRENE work. The learning process highlights a
learner-centred approach and will accommodate interactive, participatory and practical orientated principles. The active contribution of the learner is key and all participants are expected to be ready and open to share their experience.

The activity involves didactic learning through online presentations by subject matter experts, virtual interactive and collaborative learning by group work. The learners will need to exchange ideas with other participants virtually and complete small tasks/assignments, then share the results of these tasks between each other and debate them collectively. Moreover, preparatory assignments will be given to prepare for the activity. The course will include both pre-course and post course activities to prologue the learning process.

Participants are expected to study around 1-1.5 hour per day during this period in order to be able to complete the activity. While there is a flexibility and learners can progress at their own pace, they shall be available for completing the course tasks and follow the course continuously, on a daily basis.

After completion of the Online Course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Summarise the main procedures for all relevant articles in the SIS II legal instruments;
  2. Apply the SIRENE Manual as well as the articles of the SIS II legal instruments;
  3. Select the appropriate SIRENE forms and complete them in the correct way, following the instructions given in DEBS;
  4. Utilise the Fact Sheets following the recommendations provided by the Catalogue on Best Practice in SIS/SIRENE and use the SIRENE Platform in the CEPOL Learning Management System (LMS) in the daily work;
  5. Describe the general procedures at the level of each Member State;
  6. Identify methods of cooperating more efficiently and effectively.

The course will be held entirely in English, therefore it is essential that nominated officials possess appropriate language skills (at least B2 level). The entire activity will be carried out online on CEPOL’s Law Enforcement Education Platform (LEEd), hence the physical presence of participants will not be required.


In case you are interested to attend, please contact your local CEPOL National Unit / CEPOL National Contact Point as soon as possible. Deadline for nominations by CEPOL National Units: 22 April 2021.

Selected participants have to be registered to CEPOL's online Law Enforcement Education platform LEEd where the online activity will take the place.

Target Audience: 

SIRENE operators with at least 6 months of work experience in the SIRENE bureaus, who have knowledge of the SIS II legal instruments as well as the SIRENE Manual and who apply the relevant articles within their national legislation.
Level: practitioner

Virtual, accesible through CEPOL's eLearning platform LEEd (after approved registration)


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