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Online Course 10/2019: Document fraud

06 May 2019 to 24 May 2019

This online course is dedicated to law enforcements practitioners tackling document fraud and experienced forensic experts and document examiners from border police, police forces and forensic laboratories and prosecutors.

The aim of the training activity is to enhance the detection of false documents by better understanding of the design and security features of identity documents; to combat forgery and falsification of documents related to serious crime.

Online Course 05/2019: Trafficking in Human Beings as a Cyber-enabled Crime

25 March 2019 to 12 April 2019

The entire activity will be carried out online therefore physical presence of participants will not be required. No special computer skill is required for the attendants. Trainers will facilitate the course, give instructions and provide feedback online.

The overall objective of the training is to develop professional skills to detect and investigate THB while using online investigation methods and techniques and enhance cooperation with cyber-crime experts.

The course will cover the following four sections across three weeks:


Online course 06/2018: Naples II convention: Possibilities for cooperation in customs investigations

15 October 2018 to 09 November 2018

The aim of the online course is to underline the benefits of using the Convention and to emphasize the need for cooperation between prosecutors and other law enforcement bodies throughout the EU in the investigation of customs related issues.

After completing the course participants will be able to:

1. Understand the Naples II Convention;

2. Recognize their roles and be able to apply the Naples II Convention;

3. Describe to others how the Naples II Convention is used;

4. Recognize the role of the National CCUs ;




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