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64/2016 EU missions and operations – strategic planning

21 March 2016 to 24 March 2016

Participants will gain an understanding on strategic planning of EU missions and operations. They will also learn how to set up a network in order to enhance international civilian-military cooperation in this field.

40/2016 Crisis hostage negotiation

15 March 2016 to 17 March 2016

The course will address the requirements for a successful hostage negotiation. Participants will discuss the methods and techniques currently used in these situations in the Member States, opportunities for international cooperation and challenges in real life situations.

24/2016 Presidency Conference: "Financial investigations: towards a multidisciplinary and integrated approach"

14 March 2016 to 16 March 2016

This course aims to enhance participants' knowledge on an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to financial investigations as part of investigations in international (cross-border) organised crime.



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