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54/2018 Pre-deployment training for CSDP missions

02 October 2018 to 05 October 2018

The Pre-Deployment Training (PDT) aims to increase the effectiveness of the mission. The PDT is designed to uniform the management culture of the CSDP missions and to ensure that deploying personnel is equipped with knowledge and skills necessary to be maximally operational. The training prepares the future mission members to make the most of the field induction training in order to adapt to the new working environment as quickly as possible.


56/2018 Management and leadership in diverse environment

04 September 2018 to 07 September 2018

To enhance the competence to lead and manage teams in a diverse environment in the context of EU CSDP missions.

59/2018 EU CSDP Police command and planning

11 June 2018 to 22 June 2018

The aim of the course is to provide command and control competences in terms of mission planning, implementation, management and evaluation to Senior Law Enforcement Officials eligible for high level positions within the EU crisis management missions and operations.




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