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61/2020: Pan-European Football Security

03 March 2020 to 06 March 2020

The aim of the course is to enhance safety and security by increasing the effectiveness and harmonisation of the policing of football matches with an international dimension within Europe. A practical part within an international match (timetables published in the European and Champions League) should be a part of the programme, if feasible.

Webinar 19/2019 'Raising Awareness of European Network for Protection of Public Figures (ENPPF)'

10 October 2019

The webinar aims to raise awareness of ENPPF in general and of tools and instruments used for exchange of information, as well as to inform about ENPPF legal framework and grounds for cross-border cooperation.


46/2019 Public order - crowd management and security during major events

24 June 2019 to 28 June 2019

The aim of the course is:

  • To deepen the knowledge and increase the competences on the level of security requirements for large scale events and of cross-border cooperation in that context.
  • To improve the threat assessment and management of major public events in order to prevent/effectively contain attacks carried out by lone-actor terrorists or violent lone criminals;



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