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Webinar 64/2016 Internal validation procedures for forensic DNA laboratories

18 November 2016

The aim of this webinar is to provide participants with guidance on internal validation design studies in this field.


76/2016 CEPOL Annual European Police Research and Science Conference: Global trends in law enforcement training and education

05 October 2016 to 07 October 2016

Global trends can only be defined from an international perspective - the development and progress of scientifically sound research informing and shaping law enforcement practice or education varies across countries and forces in Europe and worldwide. Thus the organisers are seeking input from a wide circle of international institutions, countries and research projects.

77/2016 Joint workshop on hotspots

07 June 2016 to 08 June 2016

This activity aims at reducing crime and insecurity in deprived areas through hotspot policing. Participants will learn how to involve municipalities, local schools and businesses in preventing and fighting crime in these areas.


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