12/2015 Cocaine smuggling

Status message

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22 June 2015 to 25 June 2015
The Netherlands

The aim of this activity is to increase Member States’ engagement in targeting cocaine rip-off deliveries.

Participants will be able to:

  • identify capability for cooperation with customs teams responsible for risk assessment on container shipments
  • recognise intelligence potential of information contained in customs-related documents (i.e. bill of lading or pre-arrival and pre-departure manifest) and explore this potential when working with customs
  • establish contact to counterparts from other EU Member States and non-EU countries with experience on OCGs acting internationally as brokers within the EU with direct contact to suppliers
  • analyse the possibility of executing more container controls in the Member States targeting the rip-off deliveries, using the experience of other Member States (i.e. Rotterdam port), hence increasing the detection of cocaine concealed among legal cargo without knowledge of its owner (rip-off) in container ports of Europe
  • use the products and services offered by Europol for information exchange and analytical support with regards to cocaine smuggling
Target Audience: 

Law enforcement officers - including customs officers - detecting cocaine smuggled in containers or targeting the cocaine supply chain and involved Organised Crime Groups (OCGs) (relevant security clearance is required).


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